What does "UPRISE" mean?

What does "UPRISE" mean?

Forgive me, this is long overdue and also, just long.

What "UPRISE" means to me? I get asked this often. "What DOES it mean?" That can be a hard question because to me it means a lot.

I learned long ago that we all have our stories to tell. Stories of personal struggle, inner battles, trials and tribulations. We are ALL survivors, we have wounds and we have scars. We are soldiers of our own wars. I've found inspiration in these stories. That of my family, friends, acquaintances and honestly, that of my own. 

To be able to face life head on with all of the ugly that comes with it and somehow be a positive and evolved human-being takes strength. It takes peace and it takes faith.

By dictionary definition, the term "uprise" means to rise to an elevated position.  That's how I choose to live my life and believe me, it's very much a choice.  UPRISE is a lifestyle brand. It's a brand for life.  Wear it with pride, wear it with confidence. Wear it as a reminder of everything you've overcome. Rise up, my friends, like the phoenix from it's own ashes. Like the fire from a thousand suns. UPRISE.